Bethnal Green Casualties from Casualty List No 126 dated 10 May 1943 in MEPO4/319 New Scotland Yard Central Casualty Bureau Identified Casualties 2 Jan 1941 – 23 Nov 1943

The following entries appeared with a * indicating “the Bethnal Green Incident” (all addresses are London E2 unless otherwise stated)

Name Age Address Injury Reported by
Bradford, Albert 48 22 Hunslett St Crushed legs London Hosp
Brown, Henry 62 14 Huntley St Chin & shoulder injuries BG Hosp
Chandler, Thomas 25 21 Barnham Estate Shock
Miller. Arthur 39 79 Musford St Bldgs Leg injuries BG Hosp
Nathan, Hyman 36 67 Almsmead House Leg injuries BG Hosp
Newman, Joseph 11 16 Moore House, Roman Rd Bruised legs London Hosp
Ousey, Arthur J 54 33 Rushmore Road Leg injuries BG Hosp
Reeves, Walter 38 6A Slatter Bldgs Leg injuries BG Hosp
Rood, Ronald 15 11 Cranbrook St Leg injuries BG Hosp
Snares, Arthur 14 15 Norden House, Potts St Shock Mildmay Mission Hosp
Walker, Joseph 8 58 Braintree St Leg injuries German Hosp
Wilson, Henry 11 16 Moore House Leg injuries Queen Eliz Hosp
Baker, Annie 40 43 Braintree St Chest injuries BG Hosp
Bass, Marie 42 39 Portland Place Bruises & leg injuries German Hosp
Bradford, Mary 50 22 Hunslett St Fractured ankle London Hosp
Brown, Amelia 70 8 Paulton St Shock Queen Eliz Hosp

Bunn, Beatrice 35 24 Approach Rd Leg injury Queen Eliz Hosp
Callow, Florence 8 2 Moravian St Bruised legs BG Hosp
Chalkley, Joan 17 82 Cranbrook St Calf injury Northern Hosp N21
Chandler, Patricia 21 21 Burnham Estate Leg injury BG Hosp
CLatworthy, Caroline 35 156 Bancroft Rd E1 Head injury BG Hosp
Geary, Elsie 40 9 Peary Place Shock Mildmay Mission Hosp
Geary, Joan 12 9 Peary Place Chest injury Queen Eliz Hosp
Hallington, Sophie 45 71 Cleveland Way Leg injury Queen Eliz Hosp
Howes, Elizabeth 24 66 Burnham Estate Leg injury Queen Eliz Hosp
Johns, Patricia 11 18 Mulberry House Shock BG Hosp
Jones, Irene 11 14 Longman Street Thigh injury German Hosp
Jones, Iris 23 33 Old Ford Rd Foot injury BG Hosp
Jones, Joyce 11 240 Globe Place Shock Queen Eliz Hosp
Leary, Mary 36 78 Hollybush House Leg injury Queen Eliz Hosp
Lechmere, May 43 9 Entick Street Shock & bruises German Hosp
Lee, Beatrice 19 18 Elsworth St Foot injury Queen Eliz Hosp
Lee, Caroline 12 20G Sutton Bridge Hse Abdominal injury Northern Hosp N21
Leggatt, Joyce 11 16 Bandy road Shock German Hosp
Lucas, Alice 20 78 Ford road Fractured leg London Hosp
Miller, Ethel 40 70 Mansford St Buildings Shock Mildmay Mission Hosp
Nathan, Lily 35 67 Malmsmead House E9 Crushed leg London Hosp
Otway, Emily 32 12 Nordon House Potts St Foot injury BG Hosp
Patterson, Jean 4 8 Brierly St Injury to kidney London Chest Hosp
Quorn, Patricia 8 5 Peel Grove Broken leg German Hosp
Rapson, Emily 28 42 Digby Estate Shock Queen Eliz Hosp
Sadler, Ivy 27 60 Burnham Estate Foot injury BG Hosp
Saunders, Daisy 52 232 Globe Rd Leg injury BG Hosp
Sewell, Jane 15 67 Burnham Estate Shock & bruises BG Hosp
Sharp, Esther 28 5 Kings St Flats Maidstone Kent Concussion Northern Hosp N21
Taylor, Rosina 22 27 Wessex Street Facial injuries BG Hosp

The next casualty List (No 127, dated 3rd November 1943) has amendments to previous lists
thus no amendments to the above list

Bold italic are casualties related to fatalities

Coloured are related to each other

CLatworthy not Chatworthy

Leggatt is probably Bandon Road