Sharrock, Richard (Police Constable)

PC Richard Sharrock 726.N

Richard Sharrock as remembered by his daughter Barbara Bittle (nee Sharrock).

My Father, Richard Sharrock, was a policeman (photograph attached) stationed at Bethnal Green during the war.

During those years he use to cycle from Leytonstone (where we lived) through the bombing to Bethnal Green.

Dad did not speak about the disaster, but my Mother told me how much he was affected by having to clear to bodies from the stair-well. I was 4 years old at the time, and shortly afterwards Dad became extremely ill with colitis and had to spend many weeks in St. Thomas’s Hospital. Dad eventually became Station Sergeant at Bethnal Green.

I would welcome information about future events and especially like to hear if you have news of any other policemen involved.

I wish you well with the memorial trust.


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