Hiscoke, Brian

The baby is Lynda’s Dad, Brian Hiscoke. Photographs supplied by Lynda Hiscoke.

The following words are taken from my Brian’s Survivors Questionnaire.

I assume my Mother and I were visiting relatives in the area and took shelter when the guns started firing in Victoria Park. I knew no details of the disaster until I went to work at the Law Society in 1985. The Library had reports contained in Command Papers (Cmd 6583). This was not published until January 1945.

As I was only 3½ at the time I knew nothing about the accident for many years. My Father told me what he knew (which was very little) when I was in my Teens. I received £100 plus interest when I was 21!

My Grandmother (My Dad’s Mum) brought me up after my Mum died (Dad was in the RAF) but she never mentioned the matter ever. I was told Mum would return soon! Eventually, as children do, I forgot all about it but I always claimed, when taken on the Underground, that I couldn’t breathe and later started having panic attacks I haven’t been on the Underground for 40 years!

Brian Hiscoke, son of Ivy Winifred Hiscoke.

March 2011