Conical Listing

The list of fatalities and sponsors of the conicals

NameAge in years unless otherwise stated Sponsor
AARONS, Betty14Melissa John and Ron Mitchell (cousin).
ASSER, Jessie33PIP Electrics Ltd,
BAILEY, Mary72Joan Paul, Richard Paul & Marilyn Banks
BAILEY, Rose41Joan Paul, Richard Paul & Marilyn Banks
BAKER, George38Melissa John
BAKER, Minnie14The Boudoir.
BASS, Eileen7Sponsored in her memory by Karen Lee Goodger, Zumba Gold Teacher
BEAKEN, Eileen17Julian Apperley & The Hare Pub, 505 Cambridge Heath Road, E2.
BEAKEN, Ethel53Joy Puritz
BEAKEN, Matilda44Lee Scotting
BEGER, Emily57Joy Puritz
BENDON, Elizabeth38John Fitzpatrick (nephew)
BENNETT, Emma48Joan Paul, Richard Paul & Marilyn Banks
BOSWORTH, Edith50The London Pearly Kings & Queens Society Charity Fund
BOSWORTH, Irene17Bernie C. Byrnes
BOWLING, Bessie59From your family.
BOWLING, Eliza31From your family.
BOXER, Annie25Steve & Gillian Powell & the Ex Boxers Association
BROOKS, Henry10George, Georgina, George, Joan, Susan & Alex Dehayen
BROOKS, Jessie46Lilian Hayward & John & Marina Hayward
BROOKSTONE, Israel67Melissa John
BUTTERFIELD, Alan3Lorenda Stevens in memory of the late Eileen MAFFIA (Nan)
BUTTERFIELD, Charlotte28The Ridley family from Corfield Street
BUTTERFIELD, George28Your memory lives on – from one Eastender to another from The Marns family
CHANDLER, Doreen14The Rt. Hon. Rushanara Ali M.P.
CHANDLER, Lilian35Jesus Hospital Estate Residents Association
CHAPMAN, Charlotte25David Pike (LOIR)
CHAPMAN, George23An anonymous donor
CLATWORTHY, Iris8Sylvia (sister) & George Thomas
CLATWORTHY, Joan9Sylvia (sister) & George Thomas
COLEMAN, Maude54Irene Saunders (granddaughter)
COLEMAN, Richard
(a.k.a Dickie Corbett)
34Len Goodman
COLLETT, Doreen10Bonner Primary School in memory of their former pupil.
COLLETT, Ronald8From Ethel Emily Griffin (who fondly recalls Rosie Collett & family) and Jeff, Joan, Andy, Becky & Gemma Hannath and John, Paul, Claudia, Aidan, Jane & Lauren Griffin.
COLLETT, Rose50The Vaidyanathan family
COURT, Patricia23Christopher & Terry Court
DAY, John69NHS retirement Fellowship – Redbridge & Waltham Forester Branch
DONGRAY, Annie22Melissa John
ELLAM, Annie43Dennis Ellam
ELLAM, Frances20Dennis Ellam
ELLAM, Pauline2Dennis Ellam
ELLAM, Rosina17Dennis Ellam
EMERY, Clara77Melissa John
FLETCHER, Alexander3Jeffrey Hill (cousin)
FLETCHER, Elizabeth28Jeffrey Hill (Nephew)
FORBES, Irene17Melissa John
FORBES, Leonora57Melissa John
FOWLER, Mary45Jo Kaplan (nee Fowler) & Mike Fowler
FRENCH, Lilian29Sid Norford
GEARY, Carol6 monthsSponsored by Peter Sceats of Grand Union Water Co.’ Also David, Carly & Aidan Geary
GEARY, Sylvia5In memory of Violet Lyon. Sponsored by David, Carly & Aidan Geary
GEARY, Sylvia5In memory of Violet Lyon. Sponsored by David, Carly & Aidan Geary
GROVER, Ethel48Don & Pam Vickers & family
HALES, Joseph54Jimmy’s Joinery – CEO Jimmy Gilchrist
HALL, Annie52East London NHS Foundation Trust
HALL, Edna13June Chase (friend)
HALL, Irene8Jayne Goddard & Alan Thomas
HALL, Mary47Doris David (daughter) and Steven, Gary, Paul & Kevin David (grandsons)
HAMMOND, Rhoda44Harry Paticas –
HARRIS, Olive17Sabrina Ahmed & family
HAWLEY, Leonard64The Foresters Charity Stewards UK Trust
HAYMAN, Mary19Cllrs. Amy Whitelock Gibbs, Clare Harrison & Sirajul Islam – Labour Councillors for Bethnal Green & St. Peter’s wards
HEWITT, Mary27Joyce Stanfield in memory of Henry Dixon (Home Guard).Also sponsored by Rosemarie Cromlish (niece) in loving memorial of Edith Marion Maguire (Hewitt)
HIGGINSON, Emily62Melissa John
HILLIER, Mary61Christine Adkins (granddaughter)
HISCOKE, Ivy22Lynda Hiscoke (granddaughter)
HOYE, Lillian13Lucy & John Bottono, Lily & Eddie Lenartowski, Ada & Eddy Bryant, Marie & Charles (Knobby) Clark
HOYE, Louisa44Tom Johnson in memory of my Mum Florence (Flo) Johnson nee Hine who died 21/9/2015
HOYE, Margaret7Frances Speakman in memory of Angela Jane Speakman
HOYE, Rosina19Lee Scotting
HUTCHINSON, Joan10Tom Moss (uncle)
HUTCHINSON, William7Tom Moss (uncle)
INGLE, Agnes28Melissa John
JOHNS, Peter7June Faull (sister), Maud Cannell &
JOHNSON, Caroline14June Cray and family
JOHNSON, Ellen6June Cray
JOLLY, Sarah51Christine Kerrison in memory of Lily and Frank Robinson
JONES, Estella59In memory of Estella Jones from her immediate family. Melys atgofion.
JULIER, Henry18Denise Julier & family.
KOROBENICK, Matilda33Nicholas Midgley & Bree Morrison
LAND, Barbara7Melissa John
LAND, Martha56Melissa John
LAPHAM, Ronald15Tommy Walsh
LAWSON, Anthony7The children, staff and
parents of Globe Primary School, Bethnal Green
LAWSON, Patricia3In memory of Police Inspector Albert Ferguson from his family
LAZARUS, Maurice42Catherine (Cate) Tuitt, Friend of Tower Hamlets
LECHMERE, Florence66Ray & Sue Lechmere
LECHMERE, Thomas A66Ray & Sue Lechmere
LECHMERE, Thomas C43Ray & Sue Lechmere
LEGGETT, Benjamin33Pearly King Bob Paice & the LPK&Q Society Charity Fund
LEGGETT, Rose31Catherine (Cate) Tuitt – friend of Tower Hamlets.
LEGGETT, Roy7St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Crawley
LEWIS, George9Dedicated by Toby Goodger, Principal of Goodger Design Associates. www.
LEWIS, Lilie14Melissa John
LOFTUS, John13Tommy Walsh
LOFTUS, Louisa15Marie, Charlotte, Natalie & Jonjo Walsh
MAGUIRE, Jean8June Blackman (sister)
MASON, Charles50In memory of Violet Lyon
MATHERS, Ruby18Melissa John
MEAD, Eliza67S & R Kelley & sons, pie & mash shop, 284 Bethnal Green Road.
MEAD, Florence35S & R Kelley & sons, pie & mash shop, 284 Bethnal Green Road.
MEAD, George Jnr.12S & R Kelley & sons, pie & mash shop, 284 Bethnal Green Road.
MEAD, George Snr.40Lorraine Smith & family
MEAD, Kenneth10S & R Kelley & sons, pie & mash shop, 284 Bethnal Green Road.
MEAD, Maureen4S & R Kelley & sons, pie & mash shop, 284 Bethnal Green Road.
MORRIS, Derek6Melissa John
MORRIS, Florence30Melissa John
MYERS, Geoffrey6RINKOFF Family Bakery
MYERS, Sophia40Nigel Pitt and another donor
NEVILE, Alfred45Beech Hall Joinery, CEO Jimmy Gilchrist
NEWMAN, Doris9Newman family
NEWMAN, George45Newman family
NEWTON, Sarah28Pearly Queen Gwen Jones & LPK&Q Socy Charity Fund
NIXON, William14George Nixon & Rose Hardman
PAPWORTH, Rosina27John Fitzpatrick (nephew)
PATTERSON, Mary44Jan Archer (granddaughter)
PERRYMENT, Iris17Peter (brother) & Ellen Perryment
POOLE, Sarah59Robert H. Gordon (grandson)
PRICE, Rose27Clint & Linzie Price & family
PUSEY, Emily48In memory of Joan & Tom Wilson from Kim, Mark, Steve, Sharon, the Seabrook family & friends.
PUSEY, Henry51Melissa John
QUORN, Emily42Melissa John
QUORN, Gwendoline5Melissa John
QUORN, William14Melissa John
RAULINAITIS, Joseph32Michael and Edward Raulinaitis (grandsons)
REDWIN, Eileen7Irene Saunders (cousin)
RELF, Rose Jnr.13Hague School, Wilmot Street, Bethnal Green
RELF, Rose Snr.41Suzanne Chumbley, Jacqueline Aston (nee Relf)
REYNOLDS, George72In memory of Violet Lyon
RIDDELL, Stella13Thilo Juch, Tristan Lathey & Nick Willis – residents of Sleigh House, Bacton Street. Peter & David Hooper & Helen Brown (nee Hooper) cousins
RIDGWAY, Ellen28Margaret McKay (daughter)
ROCHE, Bessie42Pearly Queen Doreen Golding & LPK&Q Society Charity Fund
ROCHE, Edmund Jnr7Morpeth School, pupils, staff and parents.
ROCHE, Edmund Snr39Hanover Shopfitters, Hackney, CEO Richard Foy
ROCHE, Joan10Angray Kang and Pom Basi
SCEATS, Lilian15George & Alf Sceats (brothers) and the families of Sceats, Briant, Chopin, Gilbert, Nixon & Valentine
SEABROOK, Barry33 monthsJoan (sister) & Tom Wilson
SEABROOK, Sarah62Sandra Scotting (granddaughter)
SEAR, William50Sponsored by Pearly Queen Gwen Jones and by LPK&Q Society Charity Fund
SHARP, Irene16 monthsVal & Paul Scotcher in memory of Louise Scotcher 24/7/1918 – 03/01/2016
SHARP, Kenneth5Val & Paul Scotcher in memory of Louise Scotcher 24/7/1918 – 03/01/2016
SHEPHERD, Arthur42Joe Ellis & NAKMAS
SINNOCK, Lydia62Mrs. Agnes Esther Lynch (niece) & family
SMITH, Dorothy11Malcolm Smith
SPEIGHT, Edith47Doll (daughter), Eileen & Doreen (granddaughters), Karen, Kelly, Lisa & Dean (grandchildren)
SPICER, Anthony9Derek Spicer & family
SPICER, Joan3Derek Spicer & family
STEVENS, Mary54Anna Reid (great granddaughter)
STRETCH, Rosa41In memory of Albert Victor Howes from his wife Sandra and children Jacqueline and Jason Lees-Howes
STRETCH, William Jnr.10George Kendall in memory of George & Martha Kendall of Bethnal Green
STRETCH, William Snr.49Christine Beesley in memory of my brave father Charles Andrews (Civil Defence)
TARBUCK, George45Sandra Scotting in memory of Joyce Rumble
TARBUCK, Louisa44In memory of Air Raid Warden Maud Chumbley sponsored by Gillian Chumbley (granddaughter) and Alex and Troy (great grandchildren).
TAYLOR, James12Melissa John
TAYLOR, Sarah54The Whitechapel Society 1888
THOMPSON, Kate63Kate Thompson (writer)
THORPE, Barbara22 monthsLesley Singfield
THORPE, Marie12Brenda & Philip Birch
THORPE, Olive36Sarah Richards,
TILBURY, Clara52In memory of Violet Lyon
TRAYLING, Irene20David Marshall (nephew) & Gloria Graham (niece),
– Terry (nephew) & Russell Marshall (great nephew)
TRICE, Isabella39In memory of Violet Lyon
TROTTER, Lilian36David Passmore & Len Keates
TROTTER, Vera7David Passmore & Len Keates
VANN, Maud23Melissa John
VANNER, Florence49Lilian Doris Vanner & family
WARRINGTON, Doris16Lesley Keeper, Henrietta Keeper (nee Agombar and best friend to Doris) and Keith Cornish.
WELCH, James52Rosemary Mannering also a resident of Digby Street.
WHITEHEAD, James69Vinarius, 536 Roman Road, E3 5ES.
WILSON, Edna15Melissa John
WOOD, Alfred63Babs Clark (survivor).
WOOLNOUGH, Elsie37Andy, Dominika, Briony & Tristan Hannath. For Andy’s Nan & Briony & Tristans Great Nan, Ethel Emily Griffin, born 24/12/1919 & was a regular BG station shelterer.
YEWMAN, John13 monthsThe Stevens & Wilkins Families