A list of those who died in the disaster, by last name, together with their age.

 Name Age
 Betty Diana Aarons 14
 Jessie Louisa Asser 33
 Mary Bailey   72
 Rose Ethel May Bailey  41
 George Stephen Baker 38
 Minnie Amelia Baker  14
 Eileen Dorothy Margaret Bass     7
 Eileen Louisa Beaken   17
 Ethel Louisa Beaken  53
 Matilda Jane Beaken 42
 Emily Jemima Beger 57
 Elizabeth Bendon  38
 Emma Maude Bennett  48
 Edith Priscilla Bosworth  50
 Irene Priscilla Bosworth 17
 Bessie Bowling59
 Eliza Bowling 31
 Annie Louise Boxer 24
 Israel Brookstone 67
 Henry Norman Brooks    10
 Jessie Elizabeth Brooks 46
Allan Butterfield 3
Charlotte (Lottie) Butterfield  28
George Butterfield 28
Doreen Mary Chandler 14
 Lilian Mary Chandler 31 or 35
 Charlotte Elizabeth Chapman 25
 George James Chapman 23
 Iris Jean Clatworthy  8
 Joan Betty Clatworthy   9
 Maude Louisa Coleman   54
Richard T. F. Coleman   (a.k.a   Bobby Corbett) 34
 Doreen Collett 10
 Ronald Collett   8
 Rose Emma Collett  50
 Patricia Marie Court  24
 John Lewis Day   69
Annie Dongray22
 Annie Eva Ellam 44
 Frances Lilian Ellam20
 Pauline Patricia Ellam  2
 Rosina Ellen Ellam17
 Clara Emery77
 Alexander Fletcher  3
 Elizabeth Fletcher 28
 Irene Catherine Forbes   17
Leonora Forbes57
Mary Ann Fowler45
 Lilian French29
 Carole Ann Geary  5 months
 Sylvia Sadie Geary    6
Ethel Grover48
 Joseph Alexander Hales53
 Annie Jessie Hall52
 Edna Phoebe Hall 13
 Irene (Rini) Hall  8
 Mary Ann Hall47
Rhoda Hammond44
 Olive Margaret Harris 17
 Leonard Joseph Hawley64
Mary Ann Hayman19
Mary Kathleen Ivy Hewitt27
Emily Higginson62
Mary Ann Hillier61
Ivy Winifred Hiscoke   22
Lillian Hoye13
Louisa Hoye44
Margaret Hoye  7
Rosina Hoye19
Joan Peggy Hutchinson10
 William G. Hutchinson  6
 Agnes Maud Ingle28
Peter Alan Johns  7
Caroline Ivy Johnson14
 Ellen Emma Johnson  6
 Sarah Ann Jolly51
 Estella Jones59
 Henry Julier18
 Eliza Matilda Korobenick33
 Barbara Anne Land  7
 Martha Elizabeth Land56
 Ronald Roy Lapham15
 Anthony William Lawson  7
 Patricia Eileen Lawson  3
 Morris Lazarus42
 Florence Rosetta Lechmere66
 Thomas Allen Lechmere66
 Thomas Charles Lechmere43

Benjamin George Leggett
 Rose Maud Leggett31
 Roy Benjamin Leggett  7
 George Ronald Lewis10
 Lilie Elizabeth Lewis14
 John Samuel Loftus13
 Louisa Ellen Loftus15
 Jean Mary Maguire  8 years 10 months
 Charles Mason 50
Ruby Mathers 18
Eliza Mead 66
Florence Elizabeth Mead 35
George Mead Jnr 10
George Mead Snr 38
Kenneth Mead 12
Maureen Mead  4
Derek Morris  6
Florence Maud Morris 30
Jeffrey Myers 6
Sophie Myers 41
Alfred Neville 49
Doris Newman  9
George John Newman 45
Sarah Ann Newton 28
William Henry Nixon 14
Rosina Papworth 27
Mary Patterson 44
Iris May Perryment 17

Sarah Amelia Elizabeth Poole
Rose Elizabeth Price 27
Emily Pusey 48
Harry Pusey 50
Emily Elizabeth Quorn 43
Gwendoline Quorn 5
William Frederick Quorn14
Joseph Raulinaitis32
Eileen Margaret Redwin 7
Rose Lilian Relf Jnr.13
Rose Lilian Relf Snr.41
George Francis Reynolds72
Stella Annie Violet Riddell13
Ellen Ridgway28
Edmund Roche42
Edward Roche 8
Joan Mary Roche 9
Rhoda Roche40
Lilian Doris Sceats15
Barry James Seabrook 2 years 9 months
Sarah Florence Seabrook62
William Herbert Sear50
Irene Susan Sharp 16 months

Kenneth Edward Sharp
Arthur Theodore Shepherd42
Lydia Elizabeth Sinnock62
Dorothy Ann Smith12
Edith Margaret Speight47
Anthony Edwin Spicer 9
Joan Pamela Spicer 3
 Mary Ann Elizabeth Stevens55
Rosa Stretch41
William Stretch Jnr.10
William Stretch Snr.49
George Tarbuck45
Louisa Tarbuck44
James William Taylor12
Sarah Taylor54
Kate Thompson63
Barbara Thorpe  2
Marie Thorpe11
Olive Thorpe36
Clara Selina Tilbury49

Irene Lilian Trayling
Isabella Rose Trice39
Lilian Maud Trotter36
Vera Lilian Trotter  7

Maud Vann
Florence Eliza Vanner49
Doris Beatrice Warrington16
James Welch52
James Henry Whitehead69
Edna Rosina Wilson15
Alfred William Wood 63
Elsie Hilda Woolnough 37
Olive Elsie Woolnough 12
John Robert Charles Yewman 14 months


Bethnal Green Casualties from Casualty List No 126 dated 10 May 1943 MEPO4/319. New Scotland Yard Central Casualty Bureau Identified Casualties 2 Jan 1941 – 23 Nov 1943

The following entries appeared with a * indicating “the Bethnal Green Incident” (all addresses are London E2 unless otherwise stated)

AgeAddress InjuryReported by
Bradford, Albert4822 Hunslett StCrushed legsLondon Hosp
Brown, Henry6214 Huntley StChin & shoulder injuriesBG Hosp
Chandler, Thomas2521 Barnham EstateShock
Miller. Arthur3979 Musford St BldgsLeg injuriesBG Hosp
Nathan, Hyman3667 Almsmead HouseLeg injuriesBG Hosp
Newman, Joseph1116 Moore House, Roman RdBruised legsLondon Hosp
Ousey, Arthur J5433 Rushmore RoadLeg injuriesBG Hosp
Reeves, Walter386A Slatter BldgsLeg injuriesBG Hosp
Rood, Ronald1511 Cranbrook StLeg injuriesBG Hosp
Snares, Arthur1415 Norden House, Potts StShockMildmay Mission Hosp
Walker, Joseph858 Braintree StLeg injuriesGerman Hosp
Wilson, Henry1116 Moore HouseLeg injuriesQueen Eliz Hosp
Baker, Annie4043 Braintree StChest injuriesBG Hosp
Bass, Marie4239 Portland PlaceBruises & leg injuriesGerman Hosp
Bradford, Mary5022 Hunslett StFractured ankleLondon Hosp
Brown, Amelia708 Paulton StShockQueen Eliz Hosp
Bunn, Beatrice3524 Approach RdLeg injuryQueen Eliz Hosp
Callow, Florence82 Moravian StBruised legsBG Hosp
Chalkley, Joan1782 Cranbrook StCalf injuryNorthern Hosp N21
Chandler, Patricia2121 Burnham EstateLeg injuryBG Hosp
Clatworthy, Caroline35156 Bancroft Rd E1Head injuryBG Hosp
Geary, Elsie409 Peary PlaceShockMildmay Mission Hosp
Geary, Joan129 Peary PlaceChest injuryQueen Eliz Hosp
Hallington, Sophie4571 Cleveland WayLeg injuryQueen Eliz Hosp
Howes, Elizabeth2466 Burnham EstateLeg injuryQueen Eliz Hosp
Johns, Patricia1118 Mulberry HouseShockBG Hosp
Jones, Irene1114 Longman StreetThigh injuryGerman Hosp
Jones, Iris2333 Old Ford RdFoot injuryBG Hosp
Jones, Joyce11240 Globe PlaceShockQueen Eliz Hosp
Leary, Mary3678 Hollybush HouseLeg injuryQueen Eliz Hosp
Lechmere, May439 Entick StreetShock & bruisesGerman Hosp
Lee, Beatrice1918 Elsworth StFoot injuryQueen Eliz Hosp
Lee, Caroline1220G Sutton Bridge HseAbdominal injuryNorthern Hosp N21
Leggatt, Joyce1116 Bandy roadShockGerman Hosp
Lucas, Alice2078 Ford roadFractured legLondon Hosp
Miller, Ethel4070 Mansford St BuildingsShockMildmay Mission Hosp
Nathan, Lily3567 Malmsmead House E9Crushed legLondon Hosp
Otway, Emily3212 Nordon House Potts StFoot injuryBG Hosp
Patterson, Jean48 Brierly StInjury to kidneyLondon Chest Hosp
Quorn, Patricia85 Peel GroveBroken legGerman Hosp
Rapson, Emily2842 Digby EstateShockQueen Eliz Hosp
Sadler, Ivy2760 Burnham EstateFoot injuryBG Hosp
Saunders, Daisy52232 Globe RdLeg injuryBG Hosp
Sewell, Jane1567 Burnham EstateShock & bruisesBG Hosp
Sharp, Esther285 Kings St Flats Maidstone KentConcussionNorthern Hosp N21
Taylor, Rosina2227 Wessex StreetFacial injuriesBG Hosp

Bold italic are casualties related to fatalities

Colours – means they are related to each other

Clatworthy not Chatworthy

Leggatt is probably Bandon Road