Stories: David Keates


Lil Trotter was my mother Violet's sister and Vera was my cousin.

Mum, Dad (Harry), my brother Ernie and I lived in Prospect Terrace off Roman Road. When we suffered bomb damage Alf Morris's dad (also Alf?) moved us to Twickenham in his lorry. Dad was called up to the RAF and after training was sent to St Mawes in Cornwall to help man a barrage balloon site. He found us lodgings on a small farm near St Austell where Lil and Vera joined us.

Lil returned to her job in London leaving Vera with us, but separation proved difficult for Lil and she took Vera home.

It was at St Mawes where we were then lodging that mum received a telegram from her step-dad ("Peggy" Bevan) reading LIL AND VERA KILLED. COME AT ONCE. The rest is history….

A memorial such as is now proposed would be more fitting for those poor souls that perished than the present plaque. I wish Alf and all involved in that tragedy all the best and I hope that he and anybody who knew my family will get to read this.

From David Keates.
2nd March 2008.